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Garment Waterproof Seam Sealing Tape & Heat Transfer Vinyl Manufacturing: Providing Excellence in Waterproof Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, clothing performance and aesthetics are paramount. Yet, ensuring exceptional waterproof standards and design can be a daunting task. That’s why we introduce our company FigPly —a leading Chinese manufacturer specializing in garment waterproof seam sealing tape and heat transfer vinyl.

Our founders, much like you, began their journey in the industry. Starting as a factory worker at 24, one founder honed expertise in production processes and became a technical engineer. Simultaneously, our factory was established to meet evolving industry needs.

Since our inception, FigPly has been a trusted partner for garment manufacturers, addressing waterproofing, decoration, and clothing processing. Our mission is to help you achieve outstanding designs and meet the highest industry standards with top-quality waterproofing materials.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, designer, or brand owner, FigPly is here to enhance your product value. Choose us for excellence, and let’s collaborate to elevate your products with exceptional waterproof solutions.

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Our Offerings

At FigPly, our commitment goes beyond supplying seam tapes and PU film products. We also provide exceptional OEM services, including:

  • Material to Film Production: We transform raw materials into high-quality films.
  • Precision Cutting: Our expert team ensures precise and customized cutting services.
  • Efficient Slitting: We offer efficient slitting services to meet your specific requirements.
  • Seam Tape Development: Partner with us for seam tape development, tailored to your needs.
seam tape develop factory,Heat transfer vinyl,PU film OEM Factory
FigPly 3-ply seam tape
  • 3-ply seam tapes
  • 2-ply seam tapes
  • pure PU seam tapes
  • waterproof zipper seam tapes
  • protective garment seam tapes
  • ect…
FigPly PU Film Transparent
  • OEM PU films
  • Standard high temperature resistant PU films
  • ect…
FigPly HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Solid Color HTV
  • Gliter HTV
  • Pattern HTV
  • Reflactive HTV
  • Metallic HTV
  • ect…
FigPly Hot melt adhesive films
  • Standard Thermoplastic Hot Melt Films
  • Stretch Hot Melt Adhesive Films
  • OEM Thermoplastic Hot Melt Films
  • ect…




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