Manufactured Seam Sealing Tapes – The Solutions for Garment & Fabrics Sewing Thread Waterproof and Reinforcement.

Want a solution for your garment and fabrics sewing thread waterproof & reinforcement? FigPly would help you by our hot-melted seam sealing tapes products.

FigPly Printed Seam Tapes

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seam tape develop factory,Heat transfer vinyl,PU film OEM Factory
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    Why Choose FigPly

    We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality seam sealing tapes that meet all your needs.

    With 12 years of experience, FigPly is well versed in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust them with your needs and expectations.

    Need proof? Why don’t you contact us and we can schedule a zoom inspection session for you. We do not promote physical inspection at the moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this activity will resume as soon as the pandemic is over.

    We are certified;
    • FigPly is OEKO-TEX approved.
    • We will ensure that we only provide you with high-quality seam sealing tapes.
    • Our seam tape are very durable because we make them from 100% original TPU & PU materials.
    • We, as a brand, are genuine in all our dealings.
    Want to know how we can do business? Let’s talk!
    FigPly Seam Sealing Tape Producing

    Hot products according to our clients feedback

    FigPly produces and develops a full range of seam sealing tapes in bulk. Here are some of our seam sealing tapes products that customers love:

    We are very strict in producing our products, going through several processes from the testing with your fabrics to the processing of the finished products. We want to ensure that every seam tapes you receive is 100% match to your processing needs.

    For example, if you want to print a logo or letters on the outside of the seam sealing tapes, we need to make sure that the logo will be clear and not damage by processing on your products, so it will take a lot of time to set up the machine.

    But it’s all worth it because the consumer will be just as happy when they receive your finished product as you are when you receive ours.

    Estimated purchase price

    All the money paid to FigPly for the purchase of seam sealing tapes is secure. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

    Color Fee
    This is the amount we charge to if your seam tape color is not in our standard colors list. Just communicate your comments and suggestions to us, Our color department will change your color to reality.
    Shipping Fee
    This is the fee we charge to ship your order to your doorstep in a fast and efficient manner.
    Miscellaneous Fee
    These are small amounts we charge to clear your order for processing. These are usually tax, service, or penalty-related fees.
    seam tape develop factory,Heat transfer vinyl,PU film OEM Factory
    Sample Product Fee
    This is the amount we charge to send you a customized samples. Please note that you’ll pay more to have more samples sent.
    30% T/T Fee
    We give you the option to pay for your order in full, or with a 30% downpayment. If you opt to pay the downpayment, the remaining 70% will be charged to you at a later date.
    70% Final Fee
    Complete your payment before the products ship out to you.

    The Shipping Process

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to adjust our delivery process so you get your order in a fast and efficient manner. Here’s a step-by-step look at how we send your order to you.

    seam tape develop factory,Heat transfer vinyl,PU film OEM Factory

    Step 1

    Design and Manufacturing

    We tested our seam tapes on your fabrics to meet your quality inquire before we confirm them. Afterward, our team of 100+ people then manufacture your order using equipment to guarantee quality.

    FigPly Seam Tape and PU film Factory Packing department

    Step 2

    Packing for Delivery

    After production, our team will pack your order into cartons or in bundles.

    seam tape develop factory,Heat transfer vinyl,PU film OEM Factory

    Step 3

    Customs Clearance and Loading

    Once your order is packed, we load them onto vans and wait for them to be cleared by Customs.

    seam tape develop factory,Heat transfer vinyl,PU film OEM Factory

    Step 4

    International Delivery

    Once cleared, your Seam Tapes will then be shipped to you through international waters. You’ll receive an alert on your mobile device when your order arrives.

    The whole process of manufacturing seam sealing tapes

    Here’s a detailed breakdown of our manufacturing process that makes our seam sealing tape stand out from others.

    seam tape develop factory,Heat transfer vinyl,PU film OEM Factory

    ECO-friendly Materials
    We strictly select raw materials and suppliers, and only purchase environmentally friendly materials from reputable companies.

    Making Seam Sealing Films
    The raw materials are filmed, laminated, thickness measured, and rewound.

    Making Tapes
    Afterward, we cut the seam sealing films into the tapes. Then took one roll of them, tested on machine with your fabrics again.

    The Final Step
    Safe export packaging according to the quantity of different seam sealing tapes.

    Is It Good for Seam Sealing? Things you Need to Know

    To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our seam tapes supplies:

    How to test the seam tape is fit to our fabric?

    There are two methods:

    1. If you have testing department. We can arrange tapes samples to you.
    2. If you don’t have testing machines, please send the fabrics to us. After test, we will send your test report and suggestions of seam tapes in details.

    How many fabric shall be sent for testing?

    As many as possible. With more fabrics, we can do more and more accurate tests.

    At least, not less than half a square meter.

    Delivery date for mass production?

    As normal, It will be about 7-15 work days. 

    Different product requirements and different production processes will have different delivery dates. Please confirm the exact delivery date with our rep.

    Can I customized my own Color, Width,or Packing?


    Welcome to contact FigPly  rep about your idea, we will do our best achieve it.




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